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Our 29th Year

Small Business

Computer Services

Server Co-location Services

Computer Repair


Residential Services

Computer repair can be provided In-Store or On-Site


We provide repair and service for most computer hardware and perpherials. Service can be provided in our store or we can come to you. Currently we service a 50 mile radius.


Computer Repair

Technical Support

Other Services

Computer Support

PC Repair

Computer Help

Technical Support can be provided many different ways.


You can choose support by the minute (in blocks of 15), by the hour, both in-store and on-site,or by service contract. We offer two types of contracts both block contracts and yearly contracts. Call us for details.


We also offer many other computer related services.


Our facility offers many varied services for  home or business. We do premise wiring for both phone and computer, along with complete TV, and Home Theater installations.

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